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Scratch DJ Academy Presents Free, Two Day DJ Course With DJ Hapa On CreativeLive.com

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Revolutionary live online learning platform CreativeLive will be hosting DJ Fundamentals and Intermediate/Advanced DJ Strategy courses led by Scratch DJ Acadamy Instructor and EDM veteran DJ HAPA on October 21 and 22, 2014.

Day 1: Learn how to DJ with DJ Hapa of Scratch DJ Academy over the two day event. DJ Fundamentals on 10/2/20141 will set you up with everything you need to know to get your start as a DJ.

Day 2: On 10/22/2014, Intermediate/Advanced DJ Strategy will teach you the business of DJing and give you some essential technical skills for backing it up, no matter which genre or style you prefer.

RSVP for the Free, Two Day Live Course Now:http://creativelive.com/audio

About DJ HAPA:

DJ Hapa

After nearly two decades of performing throughout the world, Hapa continues to leave his mark and legacy in the DJ community and beyond. His list of accomplishments is extensive and varied from numerous residencies in the Hollywood circuit, to his involvement in helping to break artists such as the Far*East Movement. He’s extended himself beyond the nightclub world and has become a preferred choice amongst some of the largest events and brands including Target, HP, Beats by Dre, Ducati, Microsoft, ESPN, Red Bull, Viceroy, and W Hotels. In 2007, Hapa became the first DJ to perform daily on the morning news as he curated the daily soundtrack of the Emmy Award Winning KTLA Morning Show. In a constant effort to challenge his creativity, Hapa has started designing music for organizations and venues (Hotel Erwin, Venice Beach) who are looking for a unique, customized audio experience. In 2011, Hapa launched Feel GOOD Sound in Los Angeles to help define the sound he and his peers were creating with their music. The event series features DJs and musicians collaborating on stage to give the audience an experience they can “feel”. In addition to creating a production that incorporates an environment with no musical boundaries, Hapa also garnished over 10 million impressions within five months of the launch with the #feelgoodsound buzzword on Twitter. “One of my goals is to spread this ‘Feel Good Sound’ all over the world,” said Hapa. “‘GOOD music is universal.” Most recently, Hapa has teamed up with engineers from Santiago, Chile to develop QnQ, a large format, transparent, multi-touch DJ performance solution that he believes will change the DJ world. Hapa has begun incorporating the technology into his sets in the US and is starting to introduce the masses to the idea of uncovering what the DJ is actually doing on stage. Hapa is currently the National Brand Director for the prestigious Scratch DJ Academy with locations in New York, Miami, and LA. The Academy was founded in 2002 by the famed Jam Master Jay from RUN DMC and is his living legacy. With Hapa’s direction, the Academy has grown into the world’s leader in DJ education and continues to raise the standard of DJs around the globe.

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