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Adelitas Way Interview

Dawn of the Underground had the great chance to catch up with Rick of Adelitas Way in Orlando and interview him.


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Hi, I’m Dawn of the Underground, and this is Rick from Adelitas Way. We’re here at House Of Blues in Orlando, and as you can tell it is raining outside.  It’s been a great day today, other than the rain.
I feel great (I’m excited).
It is fantastic.  Tell us about your tour so far?
This week, our first show last night was in Augusta Georgia. We did a headlining show which was awesome. It’s so great to see everything keep growing, you know what I mean. We’ve been doing this for – we’ve been travelling the United States for the past, you know 6 years, pretty much, almost non-stopped and it’s great to see everything starting to come together with the fans. And this is the first night of the Going To Hell tour with Pretty Reckless, and we’re excited about it.
How’s it been working with them?
It’s the first night! It’s the first show. So we’ll know..
Ok. This is the first night with them?
You know we’ve done festivals (with them), so we know they’re great. We know they’re great musicians, they’re nice people, so we’re very excited for the run but…
This is, you know, after 52 shows you learn so much more about, a band, than just playing one festival or two festivals, so we’re just getting into that (and start it right off).
There’s so many men that are so jealous of you being in such close quarters with such beautiful women, how does that work?
I feel like there’s so many women that are jealous of me too, cause I have all of these stud-ly band members around me all the time.
(Laughs)  This is true, I am personally jealous.
I’m the guy that everyone’s – I’m the guy that everyone’s jealous of. I’m like – jealous of him, he’s around this girl, and then he hangs around with these guys all the time, but hey man, like I said, that’s why I think you should want to be a rockstar.
That’s why people today should still want to be rockstars.
I think we are all inner rockstars.
I feel like since I was eight I knew I was going to be a rockstar.
You knew you were going to be special didn’t you?
It was in me, I was always the bad – like too much energy for my own good.
Excellent.  Strange question, I know you have a little one at home…  When you go to career day, what do you say you do?
I, well you got to remember…
She’s still young so, but you have to prepare for this.
It would only be fitting if I didn’t show up.
Cause that’s, that how it works. And then she has to tell everyone – like my dad’s a rockstar. I’m sorry, he didn’t show up.  I would just come in and tell people that I kick ass all over the United States and Canada, right now – soon to be the world!
We’ll, sweet! I know that you’re coming into your own and you’re starting to headline tours, and exactly where I believe you need to be, because you – i’ve introduced people to you and your sound and you’ve just completely blown people away with your stage presence, and then when they actually get to know you as a person I think that moves a rockstar even further, because that makes them more human and you attach to that.
I feel like it was a lot easier to – you know in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, it was a lot easier to have an aura about you and have someone just be very interested in you and your band. But now a days I feel like everything’s so internet based, too personal, you almost get too much from bands that now a days I think it takes someone to actually come and see us play live. It takes someone to actually look into what we are as a band to realize what we’re capable of. We’re not just next, we’re not like this replaceable band that if we stop playing music that it’ll be filled easily, you know what I mean? Like we’re something that’s going to be difficult to replace I believe. I think from our live show to the records we make, we bring something special to music and I think that it’s a lot harder for people now a days to appreciate that than it was, you know back in the day, so. We’re trying to make up for all the road blocks and all the kinda negative curves that we have to – you know it’s like a grading curve. You know we’re always dealing with – we’re always doing everything on a curve of it being 2014, and we’re involved in music now compared to if we were a band that was involved in music in 2001 or 1979. I mean, I think this band has – we have not hit our ceiling yet, I think we have the potential to really, even during the hardest times of music, show people what we are capable of.
Oh, absolutely. With social media, and the internet, and Facebook, and all of the other things out there, do you think that actually makes it easier for a band to propagate, or do you think it actually holds them back a little bit because you’re on display?
I think we can make a nice pros and cons list.
Yeah, I think you’re right.
I think you can do pros, and cons…
Cause it’s almost like, with social media, you’re almost raw and exposed. I mean you can’t hide it.
I try not to expose ourselves. I try to talk about the important things on social media. You know I see people on social media that are like, I’m peeing right now, or I’m going to go eat, and it’s like we’re – we try to really use social media to let people know like we’re coming to your city. I mean I think it’s important for people to understand that when we come to your city man, you don’t know how many times we’re going to come to the city and headline, you don’t know – because we’re at the point as a band where if there’s a city that’s not supporting rock and roll, we’re not going to waste our fucking time to go there, you know what I mean?
You don’t just have access to us whenever you want. So we use social media to let people know we’re coming to your city, come out and support the show and see something great happen. And really we gauge whether we want to come back off of that vibe, you know what I mean? So social media is good to let people know you that you’re going to come play a concert, and they can come be part of an amazing night if they want to be. Or your album’s coming out, you know check out our music. You know it’s a great place to inform people. But you’re not going to see us on social media, you know sometimes – just the team around us will be like post a video of you guys just hanging out and it’s like we don’t want to be that band. I don’t want to take a video of me in the bathroom, I don’t want to – I’m not trying to let everyone know what I look like when I wake up in the morning. I mean at the end of the day that’s just too – we have to have a mystique about us, you know we’re dangerous. And there’s a whole side that people don’t get to see to the band. There’s a reason that we’re rock stars, there’s a reason we chose this job. We’re a bunch of bad-ass mother fuckers – and that’s the truth.
(Laughs)  I love you. I absolutely adore you. I mean I’ve run into you at several festivals and every festival I’ve actually got to know you more, and most people when you get to know them you’re kinda like…(eh)
(Ah, yeah.)
(Laughs.)  You just, you just build that attachment where you want to help you.
I think it’s because we try to do – everything we do, we try to do for the sake of, obviously ourselves, because we love what we do so much. But you gotta do – there’s a bigger picture with this band. This band thinks about rock and roll – our discussions are deep, they are not just like how can we have a hit song, how can we do this, I mean we think about, like how can we put our place in history and rock and roll, and the whole, how can we make sure that the show we’re putting on every night fucks everybody up. How can we make sure that we’re that next level shit that everybody talks about. That’s our role everyday.
Now that you’re becoming more popular, do you feel that you’re not allowed as much artistic freedoms when you’re creating your songs ( * background noise *) too many people are watching, or you have to be pigeon-holed into doing a certain style?
I feel like now that Alternative, Indie, Dance bullshit has become popular everybody wants your band to do whatever’s working, so of course we fought that with this record a little bit, you know what I mean? Everyone wants you to sound like what’s selling at the moment, what’s going on at the moment, and honestly as a band all you can do is fight it up to the point of self destruction. You know what I mean? If you fight it, there’s a point to where you fight it so much that no one gets to hear anything you do, you know what I mean? So you got to – of course every record that you’re attached to, with 30 people, has opinions on it. Yeah you’re dealing with other people telling you what they think and sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad. We try to just push everything to the point where we almost get what we can, or what we want, to the point of where we don’t hurt ourselves, you know what I mean?  Right. Understood.
And sometimes it ends up working out man. You know like I’m very proud of everything we’ve got to accomplish over the years. And most of the time when you look back on a lot of things that go our way, and things that don’t go our way, you know obviously you wish you could could change, but we – when I look at the spectrum, I think that our band is pretty ballsy man. You know I think that we make a lot of ballsy moves. I think we push things to the brink of what we can and then when we feel like it’s to the point – you know, when it gets to the land where you’re going to shoot yourself in the foot?
We try to push it to that every time. You know what I mean? We don’t just say OK, yeah. You know we try to be a little bit like, all-right, well you can suck a dick. And then we’re waiting to see what they say you know.
One of the ballsiest moves I’ve every seen anyone, was I think it was Rock On The Range, and he just propels himself into he crowd to be crowed surfed almost from the front of the stadium, all the way back. That took so much faith in humanity (laughs).
Well look I’m there to have a good time too. You know I don’t show up to rock shows just to put on a stale-ass show and then walk off stage and not enjoy the night, you know?
That was amazing, absolutely amazing.
We enjoy rock and roll too. You know that day is not just for the fans, that day is for us, as well, that day is for – you know we look forward to Rock On The Range just as much as the fans do. We look forward to playing tonight as much as the fans do. Like we can’t wait to get on the stage in Orlando and fucking destroy these people. And that’s the only thing that we are all thinking about, you know what I mean? There’s nothing else on your mind. We’re not going out there to play mediocre. We’re not going out there to be bested, to be bested by anybody. We’re going out there to put on hopefully the best show Orlando has seen this year, you know?
Absolutely. And they deliver, they absolutely deliver. Is there anything that you want to tell your fans?
I want to – there’s a million things I want to tell the fans. I want to tell the fans to go get our new record Stuck. I want to tell the fans that we’re going to do a headlining run in 2015, and if you want to see us play our longest set of your favorite songs and you want to meet the band that’s the only place you can do it. If you want to meet the band, the only place you’re going to meet the band is at our headlining shows. If – you have fans overseas, we’re doing everything we can to get overseas, I mean we’re trying to make this a world wide brand so every mother fucker that likes rock and roll at leasts gets the chance to hear us.
You’re doing an amazing job. I mean, I’ve watched you grow and what you’ve been doing is incredible, and I will help you personally whatever way I possibly can.
High-five. Thank you!
So this is Dawn of the Underground, and Rick from Adelitas Way. Thank you. Good night. Have a great show, have a great life – living the dream.
Oh yeah.

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