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Rain City Rockers ‘Mayday’ Review

Edgy pop punk meets… the 50’s? When you mix lead singer Andrew Conroy’s voice with some heavy guitar and catchy “ooh la la’s” you get Rain City Rockers! Somehow this mystery band managed to convince members of Sum41, Goldfinger, Die Mannequin, and Gob to help them record their new album Mayday, and it works! Think Mcfly meets Blink 182. This album has everything from catchy pop tracks, to edgier harder sounds and even some lamenting tunes; it even covers topics from nuns to whores to loneliness. Something everyone can relate to, right? Not to mention their lyrics are brilliant. These guys have definitely found their unique sound. This album is perfect for chilling out or driving around with the windows down. Even more impressive, they recorded this album in 24 hours! I highly recommend this album for anyone! I give this album a 5/5.

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