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Interview with Polar Echo

We caught wind of a great solo artist names Polar Echo. We got a chance to talk with him about his music and his recent release “One“.

Tell us what Polar Echo is all about!  I’ve been working on music that made the first album for quite a while. Several songs go back as far as 5 years. The giant leap for me was releasing the first album this august, finally sharing what I’ve been working on with my fans and those who don’t know me yet.

What motivates you to write and preform music? My songs do what music originally has been known for. It is a way of expressing feelings and emotions, sometimes just a mood. Sometimes the metaphors that I come up with wouldn’t necessarily make sense in a common way, but would pass on the overall feeling I was experienced while writing it.

Can you take us into your writing process? I admire musicians that can sit down and write a song from start to finish in one sitting. It takes a very strong connection between emotions and creativity. Writing one song for me tends to take a long time. It always begins unexpectedly, with a melody or a chord progression, when strumming my guitar or playing the piano and this is where I get the overall mood and direction of thought. I tend to create multiple layers of instruments, record them and for the next step I ride around in my car or listen to it in my headphones when out to come up with better voice line and words that would ergonomically complement the music.

Who are some of your influences? My very favorite band from childhood has been Led Zeppelin. They combine such a vast variety of styles that calling them one specific genre would be wrong and incomplete. Their influence pushed me towards learning more about various genres and instruments to create more diverse musical feel. Coldplay and Snow Patrol taught me that simplicity can make just as much, and sometimes even more impact on the listener than even most sophisticated solos. Pink Floyd always amazed me with the chord progressions, so did Muse, with the great deal of implementing classical piano style and orchestration. Genesis and Yes have always been my wise and refined professors and I still find new inspiration in their work every time I hear them. My last discovery is U2, it took me several years to understand their music, but I am now a big fan.
Congratulations on the release of “One”, how does it feel to finally have all of your hard work out there for your fans? I like “One”. I know this might sound selfish, but I like the music myself. I always tend to put myself in listener’s position to realize what they experience and I honestly believe the album is great. It is my art and sharing it with the rest of the world is a great thing. You can find my music on iTunes, Amazon music, Google play, Spotify, Reverbnation and many other sites.

Where can we find your music and what’s next for Polar Echo? I’m working on a music video for one of the songs on the album, it should hit YouTube in the next month. This has been keeping me busy after the album release but I keep working on new music constantly. Due to the fact that I am the only member, it is challenging to perform my songs to full extend, however I am planning to find musicians to expand Polar Echo’s performance in the near future.



Find Polar Echo on Facebook, iTunes, and Spotfiy 

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