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Top Mixtape Sites Online That Get Hella Traffic

With the mixtape now being a mandatory part of the music game its mandatory that you get exposure to your mixtape with so many artist out you have to get you music in as many places as possible to standout and brand yourself and there are some mixtape sites online that have have tons of traffic and are good at getting a mixtape exposure. These sites allow any user to upload, but a couple have a small one time fee,but its damn sure worth it if your really trying to get your mixtape heard and start building your fanbase. Every artist should focus on getting there mixtape on these sites and more but these ones receive a ton of visits and downloads daily. Another thing you could do is get a PR representative and they can get you on thousands of sites but that’s a whole different topic.


  1. HipHopDX.com – This site is great for indie artist. Not only is it user friendly they also offer streaming of all the most most recent releases. course. This site gets alot of worldwide traffic which is great for you because you want your brand to be recognized everywhere. Another bonus is getting a project listed on here will get you a boatload of traffic for real fans.
  2. Live Mixtapes – This site is the Google of the mixtape world, this site gets tons of traffic and is known to take artist career to the next level. Everybody deals with Livemixtapes and having your music on there WILL get you head by the masses. They’re pretty picky when it comes to what mixtapes they upload, so if I was an indie artists I would go through their Indy Tapes part of the site to get your mixtape listed.Another plus about the site is they use a HTML5 player, which allows people to stream mixtapes from iPhone or Android system without any problems, it amazes me how alot of site haven’t implemented this..
  3. DJBooth.net – The DJBooth is another great site for exposure, it shows indie artist tons of love when it comes to promotion. They consistently drop compilations with upcoming artists on a regular to let them get some shine, and they provide a platform for artist to promote their project. This site has done a lot of offline and online marketing to build there fan base and it worked. To get on this site it requires contacting the editor but its any easy process they. Of course there going expect you to have a professional mixtape cover,and there going to want your music to be recorded in high quality also but trust me with there genuine fanbase its well worth plus you should have quality material anyway.
  4. Mixtape Torrent– As we all know the torrent site can get you thousands of downloads alot of music fans download from torrent sites. This site is pretty much self explanatory you upload your mixtape and you can share it all over the net.
  5. Crack MixtapesI hear people always talking about Livemixtape running the mixtape game but thats just because they don’t know the internet. Crack Mixtapes has the search engine and email game on lock. They have an email list of over 100,000 music fanes waiting on their email to hear the next hot mixtape. To me its mandatory that artist advertise on here.

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