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I.N.C. Reveals “Black Hearse Serenade” Track-By-Track Commentary Video Detailing Album Concept

Extreme metal band INDESTRUCTIBLE NOISE COMMAND (I.N.C.) just released a brand new track-by-track commentary video via their official YouTube page, in which guitarist Erik Barath walks the listener through each individual track.

I.N.C.’s upcoming concept album, Black Hearse Serenade, will hit stores on October 21, 2014 via Ferocious Records (an affiliate of CDS Records, LLC). You can pre-order the album via this link at Ferocious Records. You can also pre-order a T-Shirt/poster/CD bundle here. See an image of the T-shirt included in the bundle below.


The bulk of Black Hearse Serenade was recorded at Dexters Lab Recording, the studio owned and operated by Nick Bellmore (otherwise known as Nicholas T. Rage from Toxic Holocaust, who personally engineered and mixed the album). All of Erik Barath’s lead guitars and piano/keyboard parts were recorded in Cyprus with Philip Zilfo. Black Hearse Serenade was then mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering.

Black Hearse Serenade track listing:

1. Stirring The Flock

2. Sainted Sinners

3. Cyanide and Whiskey

4. Organ Grinder

5. Black Hearse Serenade

6. The Lies We Devour

7. Lucky #7

8. Invite This Plague

9. No Turning Back

10. Love Like Napalm


Black Hearse Serenade marks a substantial step forward for I.N.C., while also representing a bit of a departure from the sound they’ve been recognized for in the past. Fans should expect the unexpected with Black Hearse Serenade, as each song has its own, unique DNA. I.N.C. has broken out of the thrash box with this album, and hopes to bring their existing fans along for the ride.

The album art for Black Hearse Serenade was illustrated by world-renowned dark artist Sam Shearon. Shearon’s countless creations include cover art for many popular mediums, including album art for bands such as MinistryBiohazardRob Zombie, and more.

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