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Days in May – EP Review

The newest pop-punk band from North Carolina Days in May is composed of Lance Carrier on lead vocals and guitar, Kaelie Kandel on bass, Kevin Bower on vocals and drums, and Henry Boyd on vocals and lead guitar. Lately they have just been playing shows in North Carolina, but hope to gain some exposure with the release of their EP and first album, which currently does not have a set date.
Their first EP is scheduled to release in the next couple of weeks, and though it only contains three songs, it is worth a listen. This ep is very similar to early All Time Low or Fall Out Boy. Not only are the beats upbeat and fun to rock out to, but the lyrics are catchy and relatable. The only problem is that lead singer, Lance Carrier, seems to lack emotion and connection to the lyrics at times; the vocals could also be a bit cleaner. The songs are kind of rough sounding, but whether or not this is done intentionally is impossible to tell. All the band really needs is some maturity. Days in May is currently working on releasing their first album after the EP is released. Hopefully these guys can perfect their sound a little more because they are definitely on the right track! Overall the ep gets a 3/5.

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