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Album Review of Set and Setting – ‘A Vivid Memory’

Newcomers to the music scene Set and Setting released their new album A Vivid Memory on September 2, 2014. Though this album is instrumental it is something new and definitely worth checking out. Using heavy suspenseful type melodies mixed with ambiance, Set and Setting create a sound that listeners can feel in their soul. Most of the songs begin with a slow simple melody and add elements that build up into a heavy climax. The album title is the perfect way to describe the sound of the album. The combination of elements in each song seems to create a vivid memory. The last song on the album The Last Night, A Vivid Memory is the only song that stays slow and light the whole time, and it is hauntingly beautiful. I would personally love to hear more songs like this from the artist.

While the songs all have their own different melodies, one thing I found was that they all had similar sounds and forms. A little more variation and experimentation would go a long way for this band. While some of the songs seem repetitive and a bit lengthy, they kind of take the listener to a new world. There is a sort of unique poesy to this album that any fan of heavy music could enjoy. Fans of the band La Dispute should especially listen to this album since it gives off the same mood just ironically without lyrics. Overall I would give this album a 6/10.

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