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.Onlyou by Ercy Mirage Exclusively out on beatport.

.Onlyou by Ercy Mirage is a powerful and heartfelt electronica and house album that showcases elements of deep house, chill-out and a smooth ambient with arrangements that you feel belong in a movie soundtrack or a long road trip, just as well as they would ignite the clubs all around the world.

A collective experience of eclectic driving melodies and pulsating sounds is what defines the clean, hypnotic mood of Ercy’s latest body of work. Many of the songs reflect the accomplishments and transitions of a career over the last half-decade and showcase the lifelong pursuit of one young man’s vision to bring balanced rhythm to the forefront of clubs, lounges, bars, and to venue goers nation and worldwide.
The two tracks are comprised of almost orchestral composition with infectious bridges and choruses that strengthen the tone of the emotional states that are so well illustrated and memorable in this high- quality release that is a pleasure to listen to.
The EP represents stark contrast, flowing streams of consciousness, and both progressive and alternating tempos to provide variety and songs that flow each individually and as a set. There seems to be almost a chronological order to the way in which the build-downs become hard-hitting backbeats.
An innovative and original producer, Ercy Mirage is a super producer that transcends being typified into a musical genre by reaching deep down to grasp the raw, refined messages in using actual instruments that have been so seldom underutilized in modern music. Kudos.


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