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Charlotte, North Carolina emcee Shane Coble a.k.a. Stranger Day presents the Blake Raynor-directed music video for his new single “All In Together Now” featuring Lotta and Elevator Jay. The beat is produced by Joel Khouri, who handles the majority of production on Graves, Stranger’s forthcoming album set to feature Reese, Terrence Richard (Junior Astronomers), Jams F. Kennedy, Ally Hoffmann, Ducko McFli, Justin Aswell (Mr. Invisible), Little Bull Lee, Lotta, Elevator Jay, Travis Phillips (Modern Primitives), Scott Weaver, Mykal Star & Alex Kastanas. Shane followed up his first project Young, Dumb & Dope with the Barstool Bounce EP which included production from Mad Decent’s DJA, and included “Not Playin” which was featured on MTVU, Fuse and AOL Music. Bounce also included production from Philadelphia’s EMYND who Day teamed up with for the rock ‘n roll sample-fest A Sunday Drive With The Windows Down. Day dropped his first full-length album Vice Matters in 2012, and Greedmont Park and We Are The Process presented his 2013 album You’re Welcome. “The overall tone of Graves is not really party turn-up shit,” says Stranger. “But I wanted one feelgood party song on the project to balance it out. At the end of the day, regardless of my views, we are all in this thing together. So my friends and I made a song about summertime, cookouts, backyard family s–t .. because it can’t always be so serious. I had my buddy Scott Weaver play trumpet on it, and the good folks over at Pabst Blue Ribbon had us throw a party in the backyard for a commercial shoot so we just used that opportunity to make a rap video as well.”

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