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MANIC PIXI Release Debut Album Sugar Bomb! September 16th

Silly and sexy pop-grunge band MANIC PIXI will release their debut album Sugar Bomb! on September 16th.

Manic Pixi are a LGBT friendly band full of ceaseless energy and playful antics. Their first album Sugar Bomb! covers a range of topics and versatile styles, from punchy-pop singles such as “Kiss Me” to soulful, ballad-like songs like “Blue Wine”. Drummer Emmett Ceglia comments, “Blue Wine is probably the most different song on the record. Its drumbeat in the verse is a blast and a challenge to play. The climax at the end is unbeatable.”

The band recently premiered their music video for single “Kiss Me” with Curve Magazine which was produced in conjunction with Yacht Club Promotions, bringing the band’s high-energy and loveable personality to the screen. “I love Kiss Me. One show I watched Marsh play one handed hammer ons while motioning cunnilingus with his other during the chorus, and now, all I think about is his other mouth!” adds bassist Tom Shani

On September 16th Manic Pixi’s Sugar Bomb! will be available for purchase at shows and via Manicpixi.bandcamp.com


facebook: MANICPIXI


bandcamp : MANICPIXI

soundcloud : MANICPIXI

website : MANICPIXI.com


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