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James Lee Stanley “The Apocaloptimist”

If there ever was an example of the ten thousand hour theory, it’s James Lee Stanley. He has been recording, composing and performing for decades and the expertise shows.

All of his previous recordings from duet releases with Peter Tork, Cliff Eberhardt or John Batdorf to the celebrated All Wood and… series to his solo work have been met with incredible accolades and regard and The Apocaloptimist continues the momentum.

Formed from the words apocalypse and optimist this new word is the perfect title for this thoughtful and extremely musical offering. These compositions all reflect a fully realized artist working at the peak of his powers. The songs demonstrate a keen insight and a poets soul coupled with remarkable musicianship and musicality.

Also included is a very unique take on the Beatles “Drive My Car” with an exceptional solo by Chicago blues legend, Corky Siegel.

The Musicians: James Lee Stanley: Acoustic, 12 String and Classical Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion, Lead Vocals on all songs. Chad Watson: Bass, Washington “Smowdown” Tahr, Drums and Percussion, Paul Barrere: Slide Guitar / Gypsies in the Hallway, James Hurley: Lead Guitar / Last All Night, Laurence Juber: Lead Acoustic Guitar / Highway 23, Corky Siegel: Harmonica / Drive My Car / Etude in E minor, Background Vocals: Lori Lieberman, Lisa Turner, Stephen Bishop, Severin Browne, Don Dunn, JC & Laney and James Lee Stanley.

If you have never been exposed to the work of James Lee Stanley, The Apocaloptimist is a wonderful doorway into one of the world’s best kept secrets: the music of James Lee Stanley. He says of the album, “it’s a combination of the words apocalypse and optimist. I think the world is going in a bad direction, but I believe in my heart it’s going to turn out all right. And I work at making that a reality with every day I am blessed with being here.”

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