Jason Falkner, Roger Joseph Manning Jr. and Brian Reitzell have quite a musical history. Manning and Falkner — once bandmates in Jellyfish — also achieved success as solo acts, or as members of groups including The Three O’Clock, The Grays, Imperial Drag, and the Moog Cookbook. Reitzell, once the drummer for Redd Kross and Air, turned his talents to film and television, supervising and composing music for several films directed by Sofia Coppola, including The Virgin Suicides and the Academy Award-nominated Lost in Translation (for which he, along with Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine, was nominated for a BAFTA award). Currently, Reitzell composes music for the NBC-TV drama Hannibal.

 But, together, the three were TV Eyes.

Their 2006 self-titled debut was only released in Japan, and is now out of print, commanding top dollar on the collector market. Omnivore Recordings will rectify that situation with a CD and 2-LP expanded edition due out on October 7, 2014.

The release features nine tracks from TV Eyes, plus four bonus tracks from the Japanese-only EP Softcore — three of which are remixes, one from each member of the band. As if that weren’t enough, the reissue also includes the first CD appearance of “She’s a Study,” which was featured in the aforementioned Lost in Translation, and previously only available on a white label, promo 12” single a decade ago.

For its first-ever issue on vinyl, the double LP will be pressed on translucent yellow vinyl, and includes a download card. The packaging for both formats will include photos and liner notes by Falkner.

According to Falkner, “We only performed this record three times in Los Angeles, so not too many people had the opportunity to see and hear it. We made incredible films with images culled from our obscure video collections, and we projected those movies behind us on rented gear (must be why we never made any money!).

“Unfortunately, we never aggressively hunted for the right label to release this album back when it was new to us, and its only release to date has been in Japan . . . so now it’s your turn. I know that Brian, Roger, and myself put everything we had into this music almost 15 years ago, and we are thankful for the fine folks at Omnivore and their enthusiasm and commitment to releasing this.”

It’s time to turn on your ears by turning on TV Eyes!

Track listing:

1.Over The City
3.She’s A Study
4.The Party’s Over
6.Love To Need
7.What She Said
8.Fade Away
9.Time’s Up
10.  Fascinating (Jason Falkner Remix)
11.  She’s A Study
(Roger Joseph Manning Jr. “Malibu” Remix)
12.  Time’s Up (Brian Reitzell Remix)
13.  She Gets Around

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