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Fit for a King at Radiant, Nutley NJ. 08-06-14

Show Review: Fit for a King at Radiant, Nutley, NJ – 08.06.14

Fresh off their 18-city run on Warped Tour, Texas-based metalcore outfit, Fit for a King took to the stage with an energized fury matched only by an eager audience. Radiant is not a large venue; located on the basement level of Nutley, NJ’s local Methodist Church, its modest space offers the gritty intimacy a thundering metal show truly needs. From the moment Fit for a King stepped under the spotlight, they delivered one heart-pounding anthem after another, coming up for air only to address their euphoric audience.

The band hasn’t toured in New Jersey in over three years but it’s obvious they haven’t been forgotten. Fans crowded the stage, leaving ample room for the mosh pit, which formed sporadically throughout the 40 minute set. Flanked by guitarist Bobby Lynge, bassist Ryan O’Leary and drummer Jared Easterling, vocalist Ryan Kirby quickly demonstrated his diverse prowess with guttural bombardments segueing beautifully into clean harmonies, keeping things exciting for old and new fans alike.

Through hard-hitting songs like ‘Warpath’ and ‘Descendants’, Fit for a King commands its audience who rally with them, fists high in the air, lyrics ripe on their tongues. But it’s not just the riff-heavy, mosh-inducing breakdowns pumping the adrenalin, Kirby’s interaction with the band’s fans injects a raw energy. He grabs hands and shares his mic; he keeps them jumping and deeply engaged and by the end of the set, the crowd has pushed forward, spilling onto center stage, chanting for an encore of “one more song,” which the band was too happy to deliver.

Before bidding goodbyes to Radiant promptly at 11pm, Fit For a King invited fans to step outside and hang out for a while. It’s easy to see why Fit for a King is rapidly gaining momentum onto the national stage. Their passion-filled performances and dedication to their fans is impressive and truly a pleasure to watch.

They are continuing their tour on August 8 at The Webster Underground in Hartford, CT.

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