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Millie Vaughn Presents “The Millie Tape”

Millie Vaughn is a North Carolina based producer that continues to  gain popularity for his dominance in beat battle compilations and music production for some of the most intricate Hip Hop artist in the capitol city and surrounding areas.  Released in 2011, “The Millie Tape” has been in heavy circulation and serving as a perfect example of the caliber of talent North Carolina breeds. With features from artist like S.Gold, Lazurus, Azon Blaze, Sarah Kaboom, Drique London, Sky Blew, and Marc Law (to name a few), it is evident that Millie Vaughn‘s ear for talent does not fall deaf to mediums beyond instrumentation. He truly knows how to bring the essence of his projects together with proper selection and placement on his records. Keep a close eye on this up and coming producer from the Tarheel State.

Check out ” The Millie Tape”  on Bandcamp.com

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