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Underground Hip-Hop’s Best Kept Secret “Round 1 : Super Arts” – Ryuken Vs

On June 16, 2014 The underground Hip-hop world was  graced with a  musical composition entitled, “Round 1 : Super Arts” by the powerful lyrical duo, Ryuken Vs. The duo consists of Cedeno “CGats” Gatlin and Eddie “Greydon Square” Collins two extremely talented lyricist whose style compliment each other so perfectly, it’s almost orgasmic. The distinctive command in their delivery calls for great appreciation in both their voices, individually and collectively.

Special guest features on ‘Round 1: Super Arts’ include lyrical heavy weights, Donnell “Aggravated Man” Anderson and Terry “Eville” Coleman of So Authentic; the rich vocals of Lioness Saxa, Canibus, Gifted Anomaly, Tombstone tha Deadman, Span Phyl, and Indefinite. These features are not without production credits by Rare Kommodity, Johnny Corleone , Tone Benjaminz (featured previously on music existence.com for his single, “Don’t Look Sick“), Mac Dusty, Space Gang, Zpu Zilla,  MC Brooks (offers his lyrical skills on the track Ryuken vs #GU),  and Jeshua Booth.

Round 1: Super Arts” is a gem and is gaining momentum quickly through the support of fans who want authentic lyrics back in their Hip-Hop music.  Check out the album for yourself on Bandcamp!


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