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Love City Music Festival ft. The Deadbeatz

10579055_888471484500427_1464381969_nDo you love to dance? Do you love to have fun? Do you love to get weird? Do you love music? Do you love art? Do you love festivals? If you answered yes to these questions, this is the festival for you!

The first ever Love City Music Festival showcases SF’s thriving independent music scene featuring 9 local musical acts plus live painting, two floors, two rooms, and $2 draft beers.

Featured Artists:




They Went Ghost




Key’s& Kiss’s



Tickets are $20 at the door or $10 if you use the promo code “CITY”



The goal is to unite people.  To provide a home for bay area music.  To give independent artists a stage.  The goal is to be the definite San Francisco Underground.  The home for honest art and the people who appreciate it.  To be the ceaselessly thumping heart of the forever-grinding musician or the middle-aged man still throwing paint on canvases though he’s never been written about, appreciated or sought after.  This project, Love City, is about the pursuit of something real.  Greatness isn’t always found under the bright lights of the public eye but instead it’s found in the banging and distorted guitar ringing from suburban garages and urban dive bars.  It’s found in bedrooms and behind $50 microphones and pop-filters made of nylon.  The sounds you hear on the radio weren’t born there.  The sounds you hear on the radio were birthed from souls who could barely afford the instruments they play with.  This show is for them.  This show is for the underdog.  Love City is graffiti, the triumphant cry of a thriving independent culture, the rock being thrown through the glass pane of a media driven music industry.  It’s the anti to all that is incorrect about bands that prefer cash to cultural unity.  Love City is about creative positivity and togetherness.  It’s about respect and love and everything good in the world.  It’s the beginning of something new.  Together we can change things.

Kai Straw – lovecitymusicfestival.com




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