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New Music Licensing Service Opens up Music Industry

As we all know, it’s extremely difficult for unestablished composers and music producers to get their music licensed for synchronisation in television, film, games and other professional media.

A new Australian startup called NeedaJingle has just launched an innovative music and sound design crowdsourcing platform which aims to open up professional, paid music synchronisation jobs to amateur and professional producers from all over the world.

NeedaJingle.com is a brand new service that is set to revolutionise the way music and sound design are sourced for commercial use. They’re giving everyday music producers the chance to submit tracks for consideration alongside the world’s best composers in professional, paid productions – for free.

That’s right, the site charges clients an additional fee to ensure that the service remains is 100% free for artists, now and always. Artists retain full copyright in their tracks as the tracks are only ever licensed. Any royalties that may eventuate from the public performance and broadcast of the track remain property of the creator. Pretty cool really.

To find out more, visit www.NeedaJingle.com

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