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Worldwide Groove Corp – One New Release A Month

It’s a new era in indie music distribution, and Nashville’s electronic power duo are going large and taking charge. After 7 years of incubating their own tracks, Worldwide Groove Corporation are busting out of the starting gate with what could be a steady stream of new releases that will keep their fans happy for quite a long time. Their downtempo electronic reinvention of “Summertime”, a Gershwin classic, has hit the digital pipeline in time to keep us cool for the rest of the Summer. Additionally, their new original song “Come to Me”, another electronic release with the potent combination of mid-tempo grooves and desperate longing, is now available complete with individual instrumental stems, allowing remixers to chop it up, add their own beats, reharmonize it, or even rap over it. And best of all, people who are on their fan list often get songs free before they’re available to the public. http://www.worldwidegroovecorp.com



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