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25 Artists Who Should Get A Deal After NXNE

Sometimes, the music industry feels like a game of speculation, and never more so than during the North by North East music festival.

Although coverage of label signings often seems to focus on artists who strike it big on a viral level—most of the artists we respect made it  through a slow-and-steady grind, building a multitude of hits the old-fashioned way, and that’s also how the artists we’re highlighting here are approaching their respective ascents.

We stumbled upon these artists through a download card that was handed to us during the festival. Indie Anthems is an on-going digital mixture series that claims to feature some of the best unsigned and independent artists on the planet. We are usually suspect of these kinds of claims, but after listening, we have to say that we agree.

There are probably some rising artists who you think should make this list that are noticeably absent.  Mark our words, these are the artist who the labels should be  chasing: 25 Unsigned Artists Who Should Get a Deal After NXNE. Listen for yourself.

 Visit the Indie Anthems Band Camp.

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