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OnPlanetZu – Speakers

One day, it was decided that dub step needed to express its insane, danceable, funkable, thrashable alter ego.

OnPlanetZu is a self-contained entity, who’s music crosses into a genre-confused electronic hip-hop/reggae/rock/you-name-it maelstrom of bass, beat and energy. Their original, self-created sounds and ‘no pre-recorded samples’ approach to songwriting presents a fun, fresh high-energy blast compared to the predictable trend in today’s music. OnPlanetZu’s popular debut single, “Speakers” hit Earth with force, followed by their heavily base-infused “Fire.” Both tracks are featured on the 2014 album “Adventures of Yo Mama.” The album has won favor with fans and colleagues, and captured the attention of some respectable names in the music scene. OnPlanetZu have collaborations with Blackburner, Skee-Lo, Redman, Darcy Donavan, Supa, Galilee and more. They were personally invited to open up the BET Idols and Awards after-party. If you have the chance to catch OnPlanetZu live, you will see what the hype is all about. Make sure to hit them up and say hi. These guys are down to earth as well as straight out bananaz.

OnPlanetZu can be found on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify, or through their website at www.onplanetz.com

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twitter: @OnPlanetZu

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