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John Daryl Blouin – “PRETTY MOMMA THE MOVIE”

CROSSRADAR.com – March 29, 2014 The Guardian’s Alexis Petridis once said “If you don’t like mid-sixties Motown, you probably don’t like music.” On the basis of ‘Pretty Momma’, John Daryl Blouin definitely likes music. With that as the standard, ‘Pretty Momma’ is the kind of track that’s pretty hard not to at admire. The track simply drips with nostalgia; the brass, the synths, the big soulful vocals – it’s all here. Add to that the way the track has been mastered, with the vinyl crackle and rich analogue warmth, this is music to put on next Friday night, light some candles, and open a bottle of good red wine. Maybe even dust off the lava lamp, because to be honest it would fit right in. Julius Carey’s voice is rich in tone, with a gentle vibrato, and is confident in moving between notes as well as not shying away from some high notes here and there.After a lot of guitar bands and the latest dance producers, John Daryl Blouin could just be the musical salve.”
– Alexis Petridis, CROSS-RADAR (Mar 29, 2014)


Daryl Blouin & Electric Black Feat. Julius Carey, “Pretty Momma The Movie” – April 9, 2014 – By SkopeMag.com – The talent has come at a perfect time in music. ‘Pretty Momma’ is such a flawless composition. The chorus introduces a sweeping orchestration that effectively builds throughout the song as the emotional anguish in the lyrics deepens. Such a touchy song which is remixed nicely. This is the razing of a soul set to incredibly beautiful music. John Daryl Blouin & Electric Black Feat. Julius Carey “Pretty Momma The Movie” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqggycUJqNo With the soaring voice, untouched by modern trends toward Auto-Tuning and Metallic & Club-inspired choruses, this music delivered with a gut-wrenching, cautionary tale about the danger of prematurely giving away your heart. While I watched this video, it made me feel the touches with the lyrics and the total combination. Really a unique way to present this song”
– Michael Friedman, Skope Magazine (Apr 09, 2014)




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