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Album Review: Starset – Transmissions

Dustin Bates takes his obsession with outer space to a new level with a full album dedicated to the great unknown.  Transmissions is the first giant leap for Starset and their hopeful future.

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  • Maxee Whiteford

    It’s for sure killer that the album is based on a scientific and fact based knowledge, and the audience is very specific but I also think that any genre fans will appreciate it as well. People who enjoy Anberlin or Theory of Deadman will for sure get into this album. I also appreciate that “Telescope” and “It has Begun” have different volumes and speeds, and the album includes strings and keys. I like that diversity. http://www.smarturl.it/StarsetMyDemons

  • Maxee Whiteford

    I’m so stoked to see them live on 11/28 in Minneapolis at Myth Live!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkll0StZJLA

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