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Celldweller Releases “Blackstar Act Two: Awakening” Original Score & eBook

Independent Artist/Producer Celldweller has released the next installment of his latest creative project, Blackstar Act Two: Awakening. The release features an Original Score by Klayton as well as a fictional eBook written by award-winning author Joshua Viola.

The story of “Blackstar” is a thrilling sci-fi adventure that will transport fans to the world only hinted at in prior Celldweller albums, while musically is a journey from ’80s-inspired ‘New Retro’ to unsettling ‘Dark Ambient’ to ‘Electronic/Metal’ fury, all while painting an evocative sonic backdrop to the book.

Visit http://blackstarnovel.com for more information.

Stream “Patched In” from Blackstar Act Two: Awakening:

Blackstar Act Two: Awakening Track List:
1. Patched In
2. The Undercity
3. The Vaults of Re:Memory
4. Venus Rising
5. Identities
6. 6:17

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Buy Blackstar Act Two: Awakening eBook:

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The music of Celldweller has always sounded as though ripped from the pages of a sci-fi epic; as it turns out, there was a narrative behind the sound, slowly coming together in Klaytonʼs head. Now, the mastermind musician/producer has teamed up with award-winning author Joshua Viola (The Bane of Yoto) to put that story on paper.


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