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Azael “Playing Video Games”

Los Angeles based hip hop artist Azael has just released a new video for his song “Playing Video Games”. The song is a homage to growing up playing classic video games, and the video maintains a retro 90’s vibe throughout. Azael’s lyrics tell a tale that is all at once introspective, funny, dark, and full of references to the classic NES games we all loved. “If you grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, you were all about the Nintendo. Before the internet and all that, it was just word of mouth, trading knowledge on the playground or at the arcade. Everyone knew someone who beat Mike Tyson, everyone knew the Contra code by heart. Most of us classic gamers still do! That’s why I dropped it in the song. We all were on the same vibe in the video, and you can tell we had a lot of fun making it. All those people around me are actually playing Mario Bros 3.”
The video was directed by Ramon Boutviseth. @Ramondirector

You can download the song and more of Azael’s music at soundcloud.com/rawdataazael, and find him at twitter via @TheRawBeats

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