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Julio D unveils Outsider – EP

Singer-songwriter & producer Giuliano Di Paolo aka Julio D is back in 2014 with a new EP release. Entitled Outsider, it follows the critically acclaimed Better Man (2013) and Sabes Mi Nombre (2011).

Giuliano is Italian-born but he has a multi-cultural background. You can hear it inside every album he brings to life.

Outsider is full of soul, electronics, synths, killing beatz and strong emotions.

When we asked Julio why choosing this title, he replies “That’s perfectly fits what I’m feeling right now. Inside the game of life but outside its common rules. I try to spread lots of positive messages inside these five tracks. The basics concept is that anyone can achieve his own goals. Don’t believe what they tell you. Everyone look at yourself as a fool because you don’t accept life as it comes. At the end you may think they are right, but if you’re strong enough you can create the life that best fits your needs. No matter what they say. That’s what songs like ‘Courage & Faith’ or ‘We Rule the Game’ mean.”

Inside Outsider we found also a stunning piano-vocals ballad called ‘Personal Legend’. This tune more than anything else can explain the point of view of people pushing the boundaries until it pursues its legend.

There are also two Italian-lyrics tracks. ‘Non Possono Le Parole’ is a mainstream pop tune, with a wonderful chorus. ‘Niente Di Più’ is the first single extracted from the album. Its video is already available on VEVO.

Connect Julio D
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