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With Wolf Critton’s new single and music video “China Doll” reaching 24,000 views in the first 3 days and still climbing! Wolfs heartfelt story of his service in Iraq and strong Rock and Soul music is now steadily reaching the ears of thousands. In an interview with the Happy Hudson Valley wolf states “I don’t want to be Famous, I want to be heard” You to will hear his life carried note by note each song written and produced by Wolf Critton himself with passion and truth! Wolf Critton is easily an artist of the times we currently live in.




First off I would like to thank you for serving your country! Have you always wanted to write and create music? Thank you so much for the acknowledgment. I am forever humbled by the gratitude shown but I must say, I didn’t serve it alone. I had some of the bravest and strongest men and women I know, standing right next to me out there. As for the music I’ve always been a hard core fan of music. I never saw myself as a songwriter until I got overseas. But I have always had the heart and thoughts of a poet.

How has your time enlisted in the army in Iraq, and your time on the streets helped you musically? The streets of NY was the paper and the sands of Iraq was the ink. My music is based on my everyday thoughts and life. So without those two ingredients I would have no inspiration to create.

There are not many 2 member bands, how do you guys make it work? Me and Chuck Peterson (drummer) have only until recently started working together. As a musician there is no limitation to what one man can do. I’ve seen people play five instruments at once. So having two musician passionate about there craft is almost impossible to not make it work.

You recently released a great music video for “China Doll”, what was that experience like and what is the message behind the video? If a person had a far fetched amazing dream and the next day it became real, that is the only way I can describe the feeling. I had some amazing actresses and the Director Mike Magee gets all the credit. His imagination made my song visually come to life. The message behind the video was my outrage in the fact that domestic violence is still such a comment thing in today’s society and completely over looked. Also it was a message to those that have suffered it to know there not broken and that they can still have the happiness they deserve. I wanna give a shout out to Emanuel C Brown of Track to The Future. Without out his amazing Co Producing and Engineering the song would of never made it to the ears that listened.

Do you have any upcoming songs or shows? Right now I have finished my new song called “IRAQ” which is the first time in music an artist has used that title and spoke on the thoughts of a soldier in a musical melody. We will be shooting the video soon. Also I will be playing at the Gettysburg Rock Festival in August. Rob Bald got 150 of us artist together for one great cause. Details can be found on my website.

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