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India Vella – Drag Me Into War

I’m more than just a typical girl from Southampton that’s vertically challenged at 5’2. I’m quite possibly going to be a Grammy winner in a few years’ time (In my head, several times over, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves) My history is a little mixed; I’m definitely a Heinz 57 with my Dad being Fijian and Irish, My mum being Irish and Scottish, and my Grandad being Maltese.

It’s been rumoured that I secretly started writing songs at the age of seven, the first embarrassingly about a mermaid and the inspiration came from no other than Ariel herself (Obviously); but thankfully I no longer know any of the lyrics. Since then, I believe I’ve written over 400 songs, most of which get quickly typed out on my iPad and then deleted if they don’t pass my ‘gut feeling, is it any good?’ test. However, if I like a line, I’ll keep it under lock and key for future use just in case I’m in need of some inspiration.

I believe my love for music started when I was younger- I used to listen to ‘Simply Red’, ‘Lighthouse Family’ and ‘Dido’ when my mum used to play their albums. I remember figuring out that the picture in the front of the case was actually a little booklet, and I then memorised all of the lyrics so I could belt them out in the car, I’m sure it was quite cute as I must have been only 9.

I was introduced to Dubtransmissions when a random guy walked up to me and asked if I could sing, I’ll admit that it was slightly odd. Being apprehensive I said No, so he gave me his business card ‘just in case’ and walked away. After a while of Googling, I thought ‘Why not’ so I plucked up the courage to contact him. He suggested we meet at his Studio in Birmingham, and we’ve been working together for almost two years.

Today, I’m still working with Dubtransmissions in our weekly studio sessions, and since then I’m very proud of the songs we have written together; looking back, the first one or two are utterly cringe-worthy, the kind of make a strange face, and cover your ears cringe-worthy. I’d say I’m most creative and inspired when I’m listening to other music and people watching. Many times in the past I’ve heard a line in a song and something clicks; just replace a couple of words, changed the melody to the one in my head, and then in a few minutes it’s turned into a whole new song with proper verses and everything! I love listening to Music; I love how in just one line or one part of the melody, it can make you feel so much.

I’m currently working on the Promotion for my new single Drag Me Into War, which includes about a thousand emails, some ‘fake it before you make it’ mentality and most of all, a lot of focus. I hope to include some festivals in my diary this summer, as well as being a supporting artist. After all, as I’m pretty much the most un-coordinated person in the whole entire world, I suppose, I should walk before I can run.

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