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Francis Bowie – “Number One”

Welcome to the Pop Renaissance, the rebirth of pop as we know it, where art meets smart.  Leading the charge is the mesmerizing Francis Bowie, whose new single “Number One” was released February 11, ahead of his new EP, “Sex, Drugs and Thrilling” on June 11.  Bowie’s exhilarating music, potent sexuality and not-so-subtle rebellious social commentaries made a splash in his native Denmark. And after hearing his eponymously titled EP in 2011, critics worldwide raved enthusiastically. “Francis Bowie is like a powerful drug – you can’t help but get sucked in after you’re exposed to him once,” raved EVOR reviewer Rory Richardson. Meanwhile, IndieMusicDigest hailed him as an “amazing creative genius.” And Blushing Panda proclaimed, “It’s like watching a male version of Lady Gaga at times. The sound is 80′s a bit like if Har Mar Superstar (just starting out) released music nowadays but with a modern twist.”  On top of “Number One,” this June’s EP features the singles “Sunny Day” and “Sex, Drugs and Thrilling.” All were produced in Los Angeles by industry luminaries Jeff Blue (Linkin Park, Macy Gray, Limp Bizkit, Korn, and Hoobastank) and Justin Trugman (Backstreet Boys, Eminem, JoJo and Mickey Avalon).  Francis Bowie, whose name pays homage to the brilliant painter Francis Bacon and rock icon David Bowie, is a musical and visual artist. Rooted in rock and roll, Bowie led indie rock band A Love You before going solo in 2010. He’s renowned in Denmark and beyond for his visual art and has been the owner of two art galleries.  Bowie kicked off 2014 by joining KounterKulture’s roster, working closely with manager Michael Jones.  Listen for the Pop Renaissance, coming this year.

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