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Review: Behringer B215D Eurolive

I purchased 2 Behringer B215D Eurolive Speaker Active 550-Watt 2-Way PA Speaker System with 15_inch Woofer and 1.35-Inch Compression Driver – Black a few months back for a few DJing gigs I had planned. After spending hours browsing Amazon I went for these speakers because they are active 550-Watt 2-Way PA Speaker System with 15_inch Woofer and 1.35-Inch Compression Driver. What really hooked me was the fact that are active and have a 1/4in input. I could easily buy a 3.5mm to 1/4in cable (like Hosa CMP159 Stereo Breakout, 3.5 mm TRS to Dual 1/4 in TS, 10-Feet) and play music right from my laptop without any external mixer or other devices. Find other Behringer B215D alternatives – powered PA speakers on cloodjo.com

The speaker decisions are 13.2 x 17.3 x 27.2 inches ; 32 pounds.

They sound great in doors! There is a great amount of bass, all though I have thought about also purchasing the Behringer EUROLIVE B1500D-PRO High-Performance Active 1400-Watt 15-inch PA Subwoofer With Built-In Stereo Crossover that added floor shaking. They are easy to carry, although bulky with 2 handles and look very professional. Can’t complain for 15inch speakers.

I played an outdoor gig and I thought I was stressing them when I turned them up loud enough for everyone to hear. They started clipping, but I was overdoing them. If I get another outdoor did I would defiantly consider buying 2 12inch models to place on top of these.

Do you own these speakers? Let us know what you think!
All in all these are great speakers that are well worth the price if you are a hobby DJ with a few gigs a month.

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