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The Jimi Newton Project

The Jimi Newton Project is an American EDM (Electronic Dance Music) band, consisting primarily of Jimi Newton on guitar surrounded by a varying number of session musicians, talented vocalists and recording artists. The band is known for its emphasis on combining funk, soul and sultry vocals together with electronic dance beats. Originally from Dallas, Texas Jimi Newton is currently producing his music from Honolulu, Hawaii.
Jimi has brought together some of the most talented indie artists from the USA and Europe. Each song sounds unique and fresh because it is. This is The United Nations of indie recording artists, singers and musicians, working on the sounds. These artists have come together to produce top quality music. Listeners will find, electro house, progressive house, funk, funky funk, disco and the genres continue. What is stable is the quality and enjoyment of the music from The Jimi Newton Project.
Critics have described the sound as “suprisingly fresh, catchy melodies flowing on top of pounding head-bobbing electro house beats, utilizing an eclectic mix of sick beats and electronica, resulting in upbeat dance grooves”.
Recent reviews,
“Original, sick sounding progressive beats with a sultry female voice, you will love it !”
“Electro House with a Hawaiian style twist, another fun and upbeat track from The Jimi Newton Project.”
“Cool retro 70’s funk groove with a stunning vocal performance The Jimi Newton Project combines edm, house, electro house, 70’s funk and old school disco with a modern groove.”
The Jimi Newton Project is producing EDM tracks that inspire the listener to get into the groove and enjoy the musical journey that each song has to offer.
His debut album is scheduled to be released and available on iTunes and the Amazon mp3 store in April 2014.

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