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Introducing Secrets of a Wooden Hut!

Australia has been home to some fabulous artists for a long time. The inspiration of those artists mixed with the marriage of Western style gave birth to Secrets of a Wooden Hut. The band’s original members Heath Mitchell and Scott Murdoch are no strangers to working together. Having been making music since the early days of their existence together, the two have honed their skills as writers, recording artists and performers. They decided to go back to the roots of what is important in the music industry which they feel has been lost for a while, and that is making a great studio product. With no plans to anything but that they set off on a recording venture that will inevitably change the face of Australian music.

They called upon the services of producer Joshua Rumer of Invengo Productions in Los Angeles to develop something the Aussies have not yet been exposed to in the aims of the entire country being proud of the work they have put forth as artists in an ever changing industry that seems to be saturated with common place offerings. They decided it was time to make the move of a lifetime and create, for the public, an EP that will prove to the world that talent runs deep down under as does the savvy business minds of this new generation of artists.

Before leaving LA, Rumer called on the services of long time friend and bass player Gregg Cash to inject the perfect amount of amazingness to the scratch tracks to further allow Scott, the drummer, to assault the pocket with as much force combined with grace to lend grooves that make the oceans go tidal.

Once the producer hit Melbourne the race was on…Six tracks of epic epicness in 21 days with mixing scheduled to take place in Los Angeles. Having auditioned several vocalists via Skype the band decided to call on the services of an inexperienced singer by the name of Samantha Sharpe. What she lacked in experience in the studio she more than made up for in talent and ambition. With the producer working her into exhaustion and the band finalizing arrangements, the group were becoming increasingly more aware of the violent potential of what they were creating. It was a hybrid of various worlds coming together as one to make a solid and unforgettable sound laced with textures that are often times very dramatic and theatrical yet undeniably catchy.

Heath, the guitarist and main writer was able to plug in and provide such a fierce and luscious set of layers to the material causing the emotions to melt into the dramatic piano parts which provide the perfect signature to the band’s sonic brand. Collaborating with the producer on lyrics and melodies allowed a great deal of improvisation to take place and also was the genius behind allowing Samantha, an enigma in herself, to grow with the changes and the changes to grow with her.

Mixed by Stewart Cararas and mastered by Warren Sokol at Universal, the project is something that speaks to the ear drums and somewhat assaults them with greatness as Samantha gently glides in and out of the fury Heath and Scott create. With songs telling the stories of the 3 girls locked in a basement in Ohio, tales of love turning evil and even embracing heavy social issues such as chemical addictions and battery, the six song EP holds a heavy weight in artistic expression. Combined with the masterpiece that only 4 dedicated artists can devote it leaves one with a blank and satisfying expression of, ‘that was f*cking awesome’.

So, with no bells and whistles, no tight leather pants, no whored out female lead singer, no stupid makeup drenched faces and no desire to sell out to anyone other than their soon to be audience, Secrets of a Wooden Hut offer, for your consideration, six tracks that mean more to the world right now than the value of the dollar.

Please, for the love of all things great and pure, enjoy.

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