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Emily Conway releases a trifecta of amazing!!

I recently had a chance to snag 3 songs from iTunes from an artist in Portland Oregon that goes by the name of Emily Conway. Upon some investigation I found a website and checked out some content. Let’s start with the photos. We have this voluptuous, Betty Page type laced with tats and X-ray eyes. You would think punk or rockabilly. Instead, a ukulele. Yes, you read that right. A tiny 4 string guitar that she plays like beating a rug clean of dirt. Above that fire is, quite possibly, one of the most amazingly recorded voices in the past 5 decades. Pure, rich, honest, divine and warm to the ears.

The first track Bear Song started with the sweetness you would expect from a tablespoon of agave nectar on the tongue. Prancing in and out of an infectious melody tells some story of what appeared to be the opening hours of the day after a delightful and well deserved romantic encounter. This song shows the adorations of a girl towards a boy and not vice versa. Welcoming in this era, indeed. The song just builds and builds until the point is amply made, the arrangement lets off and leaves you wondering so many things.

I moved on to a track called My Dear and this appears to be about a childhood friend. It moved my feet and backside in a way that old time jazz used to. Solid and grooving with the drum patterns lending a tribal feel on the choruses reminiscent of 1940’s radio, painting adventurous pictures of childhood mischief. Exceptional feeling and no need for a bridge which lends to the opinion that there is no ‘sell-out’ approach with this girl.

Finally, the icing on the cake. Probably my favorite flavor. Sway. Starting like an old Victorola and taking me into a spacious air of mystery, the opening line begins. I am immediately floored. Distinct and original, powerful and precise. The horns came in and I felt as if I was zapped back in time to a USO dance during WWI. Honestly this is like a time capsule to me. I am beginning to wonder if these songs we not found in a bunker in San Francisco and simply made digital. I wouldn’t be surprised.

Overall the bass lines, the lyrics, the production and the love that you can hear on Emily’s music is overwhelming. It is nice when you can hear actual love in today’s music as there seems to be very little, shadowed in the overdone productions of the record company machines. I highly, highly recommend that you stop what you are doing and go purchase this music. Adele ain’t got nothing on Conway. I see a vast future for this artist and I hope to be a part of it. If only there were more…

Please, Emily…we need more of you.


Check out her website

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