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Exciting New Artist Andre Pope Drops Hit

Richmond Virginia bringing something fresh to the industry. Andre Pope a up and coming R&B artist. What he is bringing to the table is a treat for all to enjoy. A club banga “BUM JUICE”. Andre Pope is polished, and destined to make you move with his single, “BUM JUICE”. The single is HOT from the beat to the lyrics, Andre Pope is the new different that you have been looking for. “BUM JUICE” released on Pioneer Records is available on iTunes

Up-bringing and influences (Kindergarten)

It was at David Thomas Bradley Memorial Day Care Center in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, where Andre Pope discovered his love for singing and dancing. At the age of 5, Andre’s mother took him and his brothers to see Berry Gordy’s: The Last Dragon. The soundtrack and the dancing mixed with Kung fu opened up his young mind to a world of music, entertainment, and the power that it possesses. Andre went back to his teachers and entertained them by reciting famous lines from the movie. That gave them the idea for his kindergarten class to perform Debarge’s Rhythm Of The Night at his graduation. At the age of 5, he tore the house down and surely stood out amongst the rest. So much that the director encouraged his mother to have him tested to attend P.S 20 in Clinton Hill, a school for exceptional and talented children. He was excepted.

Elementary School Years

From 1st to 6th grade Andre was well known in the school for wearing two hats. Singer and Dancer. As a singer, He was easily excepted into the school’s Advanced Chorus for 6 straight years. Every year, Andre was selected to perform countless solos and even got the chance to meet and sing with Living Colour, the famous rock group. Andre’s photo with Living Colour was featured in Rolling Stones Magazine. Also within those years, Andre auditioned and was selected to be apart of an elite group of students in the Arts Connection Program. He studied and performed various dance styles including Hip Hop, Modern, and Jazz. Once again, Andre stood out amongst his peers in the dance field. It wasn’t long before his popularity grew. For every school concert or play, Andre was sure to wow the audience through song or dance. Andre was then recommended to attend JHS 113, a school that specialized in the performing arts.

Junior High School

Andre had a choice to choose between the voice program or dance program. Even though he loved to sing, there was something special about dance. Andre fell in love with the fact that he could tell a story with his entire body while transferring emotion. As Junior High came to a close and he was unsuccessful in gaining popularity amongst his peers, Andre lost interest in dance. Andre wasn’t wise enough to know that the people that appreciated his art was not necessarily the other kids. It was the parents, teachers, staff, and special guests who saw his bright future and his potential. Something that was taken away by his need to fit in. Andre was so discouraged with the performing arts field that he didn’t continue to further his vocal or dance education in High School. Andre went totally left field and went to Aviation High School to become an aircraft mechanic. A choice that he would regret.

High School

High School was horrible. Andre was short, skinny, and in a field that he hated. The only thing that made it enjoyable was him meeting a group of singers that didn’t go to the school. They soon formed the R&B group MR. Jak. Once again, Andre was happy because he returned to what he knew best, performing. MR Jak quickly grew a following in Brooklyn, performing for countless events for the various Boys and Girls Club organizations. They also became known as “that five man R&B group” in Brooklyn. People knew who they were and they loved the attention. MR Jak were hired for sweet sixteens, and even bar mitzvah’s. High School was where they started to take their craft seriously, and Andre started to get the popularity that he craved in Junior High School. Andre fell in love with music again.


After High School, Andre went back to his first love and attended Long Island University for Music. Mr. Jak was off to a great start. They were 2 time winners on Showtime at the Apollo and gained national exposure. While working on a career with Mr. Jak, Andre studied music in depth and joined the school’s Jazz Ensemble. Andre solo performances was now on a bigger scale and for more of an adult, dignified, and intellectual audience. An audience that truly appreciated every note in a piece.

After LIU

Mr. Jak’s career came to an abrupt end when the bass singer, Matthew Robinson, sudden passed away from an aortic aneurism. They felt that it was best for them to part ways. Andre moved to VA shortly after and took a break from music for about 2 years. It was too painful for him to handle. Singing would bring back memories that he wanted to put behind him. Little did Andre know, that would all change soon. Andre found the courage to sing again when he was invited to sing a solo at a local church. During his performance, Andre felt for the first time, a spiritual connection with his voice and took that opportunity to start singing again, this time in the Gospel field. Andre soon signed with Jimmy Griggs, Owner of Mid Atlantic Christian Artists, a booking agency that specialized in Gospel acts. Through Jimmy, Andre was able to open up for Vickie Winans at her Virginia Union University concert. Unlike any other local act, they gave him an hour to perform. Andre also performed the National Anthem for 5000 people at Richmond’s Kanawha Plaza for the Richmond Tax Day Tea Party. Within that time, Andre also sang back up for Julia Candia, a Gospel artist in the area. Through her, he opened up for Dottie People’s, Dewayne Woods, and even appeared on The Bobby Jones Gospel Show: Las Vegas Retreat.
Singing Gospel gave Andre the courage to sing again. Andre’s Gospel career lasted for about 2 years and he went right back to what he loved the most, Hip Hop/R&B. With the drive to make an impact in the music industry, Andre started to record demos and do local performances while searching for the right people to take his career to the next level. Andre then ran into a past friend and associate, Kirth Atkins CEO of Pioneer Records. Andre inked a deal with Pioneer Records in 2012 and on October 4, 2013, released the single “Bum Juice”. Andre’s looking to release his album in 2014.

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