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Nothing2Something Does A Benefit For The Philippines

Morg Parks is saddened by the recent tragedy that happened in the Philippines and so was his friend Tim McMurtrie, they both decided to do something about it. Morg Parks will be taken the stage at the Blue Room in Secaucus NJ, on Nov 30, 2013 at 7:30pm with all proceeds going to Red Cross organization. Morg Parks is no stranger to giving back he has worked in the homeless shelter, does toy drives for the children and always willing to lend a hand. His company Nothing2Something stands for these values of giving back and moving the community forward. I am not without sin or perfect I have done wrong, I have done right and at this point in my life I am trying to my right my wrongs “Morg Parks states”. This man is on a serious grind with great music great artists Fre Sanon, Shaan Jay, Pac Shaker, Taee Price, PurNyce & 4quataz to name a few producers Toven Musik, Chris Ayler, Video Production done by Pizzie, Ocean & Marcus Saunders. You have to understand that Nothing2Something is a culture all to its own, there are movers and shakers over here, that do not even do music, but they are very much a part of

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