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Spotlight on Navi Singh, New York Singer/Songwriter

For the past few years, Navi Singh, New York City based songwriter, has been performing in his home city of New York, and has even taken his show to fans in other American cities and college towns. Navi began writing songs in college as a music student, and began performing them soon after in Baltimore. Following college, he moved to New York and quickly began showcasing in music venues around Manhattan and Brooklyn, ultimately leading him to legendary and popular venues, such as The Bitter End, Pianos, and The Knitting Factory. In “Morning Song,” from his self-produced EP, Pilot (2010), Singh’s lyrics, about the singer’s desire to hear his favorite song, reveal his emotionally-centered writing style– “Play that morning song / the one that touches me / oh, honey it’s been so long / since I’ve heard it.” With his unique brand of acoustic pop rock, Navi offers a refreshing take on modern folk storytelling.


Navi will perform at The American Folk Art Museum in New York City on November 22. For more show listings, visit Navi Singh on the web at http://www.navisinghmusic.com.

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