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Austria’s MonaLisa Twins Release A Whopping 6 Music Videos

Austria’s dynamic indie/60’s backbeat pop duo MonaLisa Twins have gone a unique route in the promotion of their latest full-length release “When We’re Together” – these two 19 year olds are releasing more visionary music videos in one year than most artists do in a full career…6 so far, with 2 more on the way.

From hitting the streets in Stables Market, Camden, for a collaborative art project in the “When We’re Together” video (http://goo.gl/hsjwQp) to the sombre but resilient tribute to “the vast lands of an unfathomable mind” (their late Grandmother’s Alzheimers struggle) in “The Wide, Wide Land” (http://goo.gl/9Hii3y) to the playful, unrequited love of “Won’t You Listen Now” (http://goo.gl/3nxbHB) to the 60’s Backbeat/Beatles tribute of “One More Time” (http://goo.gl/ahFKHu) to the ode to developing one’s one dreams for the “Dreams” video (http://goo.gl/U0Gswr).

The most recent video release is “I Don’t Know Birds That Well”, which was shot using aerial views from an Octocopter. (http://goo.gl/1vGnzc)

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