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Slavestep (Drug War)

“I made Slavestep (Drug War) with the idea that I want people to stomp to the song. Using a weird scale and violent synths, Slavestep (Drug War), agitates and excites the ears in ways that no other song has done before. Let screaming leads and violent drums take you on an adventure to the edge of the earth, then kick you off a cliff when the bass drops. Slavestep (Drug War) is an innovative song with a fresh sound. Enjoy!”

Unequivocally risky, King Darwin exudes passion and exceptionality in every musical persuit he embarks upon. Born and bred Artist King Darwin is a talented producer and prodigy of the up and coming DJ world. His skill and originality comes from his life long efforts to become successful at what he does- this started at age 13 when he bought two turntables and a mixer.

By the age of 14 he was mixing scratching and beat juggling on a daily basis. Determined at heart, King Darwin has learned massive amounts of music theory and is self taught on instruments such as piano and the guitar. Shortly thereafter he taught himself how to read Turntabelist Transcription Method and when he was 15 bought an MPC to produce beats.

What sets him apart in a big way is his drive to mix songs that only he has produced himself. This in itself sets a rare president to King Darwin and his bright future in the music industry as the best is yet to come. At 17, King Darwin teamed up with M.E.D.S. where he produced beats for a variety of rappers. Along with the complexity of his work being highly acknowledged he decided to put a hault on producing beats on the MPC for 2 years after his productions advanced beyond the status quo.

After making the realizing dubstep was his next production baby, at 19, King Darwin produced his first track in this genre. After immersing himself into bass music, King Darwin branched out and started producing other genre’s like; Drum and bass, Electro, Bassline, and drumstep- further expanding on his originality. Practicing his one of a kind sets at local partys and raves King Darwin is rapidly spreading the sound of his addictively unique creations. Producing hip hop for the last 5 years has further strengthened new areas of expansion for his diverse musical genres. After purchasing a Launchpad, King Darwins passion for mixing has resurged and his on lookers are excited to hear.

Once again, beyond your average artist, King Darwin has incorporated a way to use MPC during live performance. In the future, King Darwin is on a mission to blur the lines between DJing and live performance, the results of which Im sure will be yet again astounding in nature.

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