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New ‘Mystifty’ Video from Saving Abel

Without a label, the boys from Saving Abel all got together with long time producer Skidd Mills at Skiddco Music and decided they wanted to give back to their fans. This new EP Crackin’ The Safe are songs that the guys all decided on and recorded last month in Nashville.

“We wanted something to come out while we started on a new record. We wanted to say to our fans, here are some songs that we really love and we don’t want you guys to have to wait long for music. It’s to say thanks for hanging around with us and supporting us” says frontman Jared Weeks.

The new EP Crackin’ The Safe sticks to what Saving Abel is known for, those southern rock roots with catchy hooks and that country soul that can’t help but sneak in every song showing every listener these boys still know where they came from.

“So this is for our fans, they help us and we want to show them, we see it. This literally will show us how great they are. Without a label we’re doing this on our own, we’re making music we want and putting it out. We can’t make music without their support.”

Download Crackin’ The Safe EP from iTunes.

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