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Inside Look at The Inverted’s Debut EP – “Devil’s Daughter”

Listen up everybody: An experimental rock band is here to tell heart throbbing stories about love, drug abuse, and serial killers. The Inverted’s debut EP Devil’s Daughter offers a promising, unique twist on rock music with meaningful lyrics and passionate vocals. Each of the band’s songs creates gloomy imagery that makes you anxious to hear what happens in the end. Let’s take a closer look into each of the four songs.

“Devil’s Daughter” – This is an angry song about love. Vocalist/guitarist Garrett Fogg says the song “is written out of pure hatred and regret about one person and how [he] spent so much time worrying about what she thought.” What makes the song so powerful is that Fogg’s vocals mesh with the drums and guitars to create a whirlwind of agitation. The angry drum schemes and overbearing guitar melodies are just as much part of the song as the lyrics. The sounds all work together and somehow still make the song catchy.

“Child” – Fogg says the song is about how “kids are trying to grow up too fast and are surrounding themselves with problems that only adults should have to deal with.” The song is a bit calmer than “Devil’s Daughter”. However, by the end of the song the guitar solos are going and once again the emotion can be felt. Although the vocals could be better here, the song indicates that the band knows how to control and build a song.

“Alone” – Great lyrics. The song is about a girl who was addicted to prescription medication, eventually dying from an overdose. The constant outcry of “I’m alone” really hits home the message of the song. The girl had no support at home with alcoholic parents who drove her to drug abuse. And no one did anything to help her. Once again the band delivers a personal track with a great backstory. The Inverted’s willingness to write such touching lyrics makes them authentic.

“Ice Cream Man” – Here is the band’s best and most well written song. The song is much different than the others in that it has a good-feeling summer tone with a hint of folk. At the same time it is the most violent song. The track starts off with the imagery of kids playing outside when the “friendly ice cream man” rides by. He tells the kids to come with him to the Willow tree because there just might be “something they want to see.” You are told the children were never seen again as the songs leads to the chorus: “There he goes again, there he goes again, the friendly ice cream man.” The catchy chorus makes you want to sing along, but is that ok? Who knows. However dark the tune may be, the band manages to leave you relaxed. If you want to know why the ice cream mean is killing these children, give the track a listen! You will find out at the end.

The Inverted are a more traditional rock band version of alt-j. I look forward to hearing more of their stories in the future.




















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