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EP Review: The Comedown – Doubt

The Comedown

The Comedown (The CMDWN) is set to release its first EP, Doubt, later this week on Friday, August 19th. Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, the four-piece act’s sound crosses genres by combining traditional R&B and alternative rock elements, and adding some hip hop into the mix. Think catchy riffs, …

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Interview: Herman Li from DragonForce


You might recognize Herman Li as one of DragonForce’s founders and lead guitarists, or as the recipient of numerous awards hinting at the prowess he displays on his musical instrument of choice. You might also know him as the guitarist that churns out that furiously fast solo on “Through the …

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Interview: Amanda Jones

Photo cred: Milan Cook

Amanda Jones—a 21-year-old singer-songwriter from Portland, Oregon—was first encouraged to explore music by a first grade teacher. Since that time, Jones’ story has been one of perseverance as she has worked to refine her skills, develop the confidence it takes to make it in today’s pop industry, and cultivate a …

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Album Review: Beansidhe – Mónt

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 11.57.49 AM

Yesterday, Swiss band Beansidhe released its third album, Mónt. Totaling six tracks in length, the release harnesses the group’s creative energy into a sound that spans the death metal, thrash, and black metal genres (just to name a few). Think early Amon Amarth, with just a hint of Cradle of …

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Interview: CJ Ridings from Big Jesus

Photo cred: Jason Travis (jasontravisphoto.com)

It’s not often that a new band is able to mix elements of alternative, punk, and metal into a sound that is not only cohesive, but also has potential. Play it too soft, and you’re removing yourself from the rock genre entirely (while still somehow being too “hard” to fit …

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