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Interview with RavenEye

Right before their debut in Portugal opening for Aerosmith, we sat down with RavenEye for a very pleasant and joyful conversation about music, tours and the meaning of being in the music business these days. Oli Brown, Aaron Spiers and Adam Breeze have a fresh enthusiasm about making music and …

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Interview with Eternal Boy

Pop Punk never gets old. It seems that every couple of years the torch held by giants such as Blink 182 and Simple Plan is passed down from band to band, continuing the ever-growing genre. Eternal Boy, a Pittsburgh-based pop punk band, is now one of the bands wielding the …

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Interview with Sharks in the Deep End

Sharks in the Deep End are a six-piece band from Austin, Texas. Their debut LP, “Killin’ Machine” was released at the end of April and they’ve been on the road touring since. Music Existence had the chance to catch up with Sharks in the Deep End at their tour stop …

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Interview with The Energy

Facebook | Website ME: The Energy already has four albums under its belt. How does it feel having accomplished so much in just a little over a decade? TE: You know, it’s a good question. In terms of having now written, recorded, and produced 5 albums in a decade, I’d …

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