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New Single from New Navy – Pelican

Australian indie pop trio New Navy released a new single “Pelican” four days ago. The single seems to have a more poppy, upbeat twist to it. Much like the bands older music like “Tapioca” and “Zimbabwe”, rather than their more recent relaxed, calming sound. Pelican’s smooth composure and catchy vocals remind …

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Urban Cone – Sadness Disease

Way back at the start of the month, Swedish electropop group, Urban Cone released a new single titled “Sadness Disease” consisting of erratic squeaks and wooden percussion, wrapped in synth beats and sprinkled with the vocals of Emil Gustafsson. I like the melancholic message of the song over poppy beats, but to be …

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New Chvrches Single – “Get Away”

A week ago, Glasgow trio Chvrches released a new single that is more mellow than previous releases and is comparable to some of Naked and Famous’ newer stuff. The single doesn’t stray too far from their 80’s disco sound, but does seem to have a more bass-driven hook rather than …

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New San Cisco Single – “RUN”

Today, Australian indie pop band San Cisco released their single for their second album. “Run” which features a strong bass line,  “panting” percussion, and minacious vocals from Jordi Davieson. San Cisco is one of my favorite bands, so the release of this track has me super pumped, not to mention …

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