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From Warped Tour to Beyond – An Interview with Kaya Stewart: “Being the kid of a famous person is always kind of difficult because there’s always going to be comparisons.”

It wasn’t so much an act of rebellion as it was impulse that made Kaya Stewart, then 13, flip over her math final and pen what would eventually become her first single. Nevertheless, as she sat in class, algebraic equations forgotten amongst lyrics of love unrequited, Kaya realized singing was what …

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Crash Course School of Rock – An Interview with First Decree: “One of the things we learned from In This Moment: know how to treat the bands that are under you on the touring bill.”

When First Decree banded together in 2012, it was to the backdrop of a nearly non-existent Cheyenne music scene. Leaving the rolling plains of Wyoming behind, Dane, Isaac, Zach, and Travis embarked on the rocky road of tour life with nothing more than the instruments on their backs and a …

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Dreaming Big at 19 – Interview with Sofia Donavan: “I was 14 and everyone else was 20-25 looking at me like, ‘What do you think you’re doing here?’ It was a big wake up call….”

Growing up in a musical family, Sofia Donavan was encouraged by her parents to always follow her muse. At 13, her passion for writing music evolved into more than just a hobby, it became a calling. Having grown up in London, Sofia took a leap of faith, moving to Birmingham, Alabama …

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Interview with RVLS: “We’re all here for the same goal; there’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to get there together.”

Any band willing to make serious local noise should take cue from this promising quintet. Since their inception on Christmas Day less than two years ago, RVLS (Rivals) has worked relentlessly on the Los Angeles, California alternative circuit. Their consistent live presence, sponsor by Caught Alive Clothing, and release of …

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The CMW Experience‏‏‏‏

Kaydee is a hip-hop artist from Toronto, Canada–he was chosen to play in this year’s Canadian Music Week festival to perform alongside Joey Bada$$, Denzel Curry, and Jazz Cartier. Kaydee and his team wanted to allow viewers to see the behind the scenes antics they may not normally be afforded to see, which …

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Interview: AnnMarie Fox

AnnMarie is a singer, dancer, songwriter and model who has opened for artists Case, Lil Mo, and Ruben Studdard, amongst many others. In October 2010, AnnMarie was sought after for a show being broadcasted on major network and extended the opportunity to showcase her talents on the premier episode of …

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