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Cipha Sounds and Hot 97 split

Bad news for loyal New York hip hop fans: As of today, Cipha Sounds is no longer with Hot 97. Just yesterday Cipha was with his Juan Epstein co-host Peter Rosenberg airing frustrations with the radio station, also revealing he has turned down offers from rival radio stations due to …

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Music and Fashion: Intertwined.

The influence the music industry—and more specifically, musicians—have over the fashion industry is indisputable, and has grown exponentially over the years. Hip Hop has always been a culture that is intertwined with music (and has always been ahead of the curve) but today our favorite rappers are moving from solely …

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Iconic Soundtracks: Clueless

“I can’t find my Cranberries CD. I have to go to the quad before somebody snags it,” is a phrase that literally no one in the world has uttered in the past decade, if not longer. However, for Elton, the careless, rich son of a record exec in the 1995 …

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Farewell to Anberlin

On November 26, 2014 Anberlin performed their final concert in their backyard of Orlando, FL.  Instead of me just giving a recap of the show, I decided to give the fans in attendance a chance to send a message to the band. Thank you, Anberlin. Click here to see my …

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I Want My MTV Back

It’s impossible to put a value on “cool”. The term can be what makes or breaks a band, TV series, movie, lifestyle, or just about anything else. If you’re cool, people will flock. If you’re putting out a cool product people flock to, then you have it made. That’s what MTV (Music …

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