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A look back at my favorite rock, metal and alternative albums of 2015! If you are upset about my choices and want to fill out the form about how you feel, click here = http://imgur.com/wMedCrN Click here for my favorite albums of 2014 = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWleRcq9ly4 Click here to see Mike …

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Top 10 Indie rock releases of 2015

2015 surely had plenty of indie rock artists around the globe making big noise through social media. Whether they belong to any of the genre’s myriad varieties—dreamy, grungy, folky, jangly, or anything in between—these artists simply deliver what the mainstream fails to offer. Since I’ve started reviewing new music, I …

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Top Five Albums Of 2015

2015 was an overwhelmingly good year for music, so much so that it was hard to keep up with all the new releases from both seasoned and new artists. Adele released 25 which rightly cemented her place as a superstar in the music world, and awakened feelings in listeners they …

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5 Tips for More Productive Band Practice

Someone very smart once said “Consistency Breeds Results” so if it’s a productive band practice you’re after it is essential to maintain consistency. Band practice sessions are where the whole group gets together to brainstorm ideas, practice tunes, and write new songs. Most bands have their schedule for practice down, …

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An Interview with Hudson

Los Angeles-based four piece rock n’ roll band HUDSON are set to release their brand new tour-de-force of an EP “Cast Out” on October 21st, and I had the fortunate opportunity to speak to HUDSON about the band’s message behind their music, their musical inspirations and what really drives their …

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The Future of Rap

There are two types of music listeners–more specifically, hip hop listeners–that irk me: Old heads that refuse to give new music a chance and new heads who have no knowledge of music history. With that being said, I really don’t want to be that guy who complains about what music …

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