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Menimals – s/t

Menimals – s/t FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/menimalsband/ This collaboration between American and Italian musicians will likely go down as one of 2016’s most intriguing efforts. The press materials describe the band’s music as kraut rock meeting ambient music, but it scarcely details the vast array of influences that the band draws from …

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Corinne Cook

Corinne Cook’s recent album, Dressed Up For Goodbye http://www.corinnecook.com/ Corinne Cook’s recent album, Dressed Up For Goodbye, serves up doses of heartbreak in all its different hues, from the sorrow at the end of a relationship, to the indecisiveness when you’re in love with a friend. While there are one …

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Oleg Frish – Duets With My American Idols

Oleg Frish – Duets With My American Idols FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Oleg-Frish/182179468465328 Oleg Frish is a well-known singer, performer, and radio and talk show host. To commemorate his twentieth year in media, Frish recently recorded and released the album “Oleg Frish, Duets with my American Idols.” This 14-track album is a reprisal …

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Album Review: The Drones – Feelin’ Kinda Free

Australian alterna-champs The Drones have returned in a league that shatters any stylistic boundaries in all of music. Vastly expanding since their 2000 debut in Perth’s isolated but rich underground, the Melbourne-based quartet ceases to look back. I’d consider their aesthetics in the vein of AC/DC: they’ve bordered the simplicities …

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Milton J and The Leftovers Release Debut Video, “Killing Dreams”. Off of Upcoming ‘Vain Wisdom’ LP

Alternative Rock/Hip-Hop Quintet Milton J and The Leftovers have released the debut video for “Killing Dreams” off of their upcoming Vain Wisdom album. “Killing Dreams” combines the compositional depth of a fully rounded instrumental orchestration with sharp, provocatively subversive lyrics. The track was an opportunity for me to express the …

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