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Album Review: Seether – Poison the Parish

  One of South Africa’s best rock bands is back and better than ever. Seether is on a roll right now releasing their new studio album Poison the Parish. Seether consists of Shaun Morgan (vocals/guitar), Dale Stewart (bass/vocals) and John Humphrey (drums). This is the seventh studio album from Seether, …

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Astroblue Express – Quarter to Somewhere

For fans of Grimes, Die Antwood, or any other new age experimental sounds, self-titled “dream pop” group Astroblue Express dropped debut album, Quarter to Somewhere on Ape Eye Records. With little to no presence in the online music world, Astroblue Express have easily crept their way into music blogs all …

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Album Review: Noumena – Myrrys

Another 2017 headbanger arises this week from the Land of a Thousand Metal Bands in the form of Noumena’s fifth album, Myrrys. The album title (meaning “ruckus” or “uproar” in old Finnish), paired with the striking cover art, portend a collection of punishers tinged by the savagery and ferociousness that …

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