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Selby Rodriguez

A Wisconsinite adjusting to life on the East Coast. Lover of music, mother of cats, and avid drinker of beer.

Interview: Tom Keifer

It’s not often that one gets to speak with the man whose band’s ballads used to rock her to sleep as they played late at night on the local ‘80s radio station. And yet, here I found myself wondering what Tom Keifer (Cinderella’s vocalist and now solo artist) would be …

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Interview: Falco from Wicked Maraya

It’s surprising how easily a perfectly executed guitar riff can transport listeners back through time. Wicked Maraya does just that with their track, “Sound of Evil”—evoking not only the imagery of a rugged heavy metal band, but also the feel of a dimly lit, slightly hazy club. The tiniest wisp …

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Interview: Otep

Defying definition, Otep Shamaya is a multi-faceted creature known as much for her lyrical tongue and fierce growls, as for her outspoken personality and willingness to defend her beliefs on today’s politics, LGBTQ+ rights, moral veganism, and more. Music Existence was able to connect with Shamaya via Skype before she …

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Interview: Stacey Savage from Savage Master

Everyone has a bit of the devil inside, and Stacey Savage is no exception. As the ass-kicking front woman of occult heavy metal band Savage Master, Savage has been tantalizing listeners with her piercing shrieks, no-holds-barred approach toward live performances, and ability to transcend from mere mortal to all-powerful sorceress—able …

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Interview: Flo Laurin from Sinbreed

Based in Germany, Sinbreed has been infusing their personal brand of no-nonsense power metal into the genre since their founding. Their third and most recent record Master Creator (released February 2016 by AFM Records), has been receiving positive reviews for its relentless energy, lyrical diversity, and overall creativity in a …

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