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Selby Rodriguez

A Wisconsinite adjusting to life on the East Coast. Lover of music, mother of cats, and avid drinker of beer.

Album Review: Beansidhe – Mónt

Yesterday, Swiss band Beansidhe released its third album, Mónt. Totaling six tracks in length, the release harnesses the group’s creative energy into a sound that spans the death metal, thrash, and black metal genres (just to name a few). Think early Amon Amarth, with just a hint of Cradle of …

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Interview: CJ Ridings from Big Jesus

It’s not often that a new band is able to mix elements of alternative, punk, and metal into a sound that is not only cohesive, but also has potential. Play it too soft, and you’re removing yourself from the rock genre entirely (while still somehow being too “hard” to fit …

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Interview: Tony West from Blacklist Union

Please note: The heavy nature of some of the subjects discussed could trigger survivors of childhood abuse. Childhood abuse is an all too familiar story in today’s society, whether it’s physical, sexual, psychological, or any number/combination of categories in nature. It is difficult to say exactly how many children are …

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Interview: Michael Tyrrell

Ask any music lover, and they’ll tell you that music is an intimately powerful thing. Meticulous lyrics, a singer whose voice elicits goose bumps, a guitar solo soaring to new heights, and more have the ability to affect the listener’s mood. In fact, the ability to emotionally move fans is …

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Interview: Dez Fafara from DevilDriver

Dez Fafara is known for his powerful vocals, tireless work ethic, and down-to-earth personality. These qualities, partnered with the success of DevilDriver and Coal Chamber, have helped solidify a reputation for excellence in today’s metal industry. With the release of the brutally honest Trust No One (Rocked review here) and …

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EP Review: Vidian – A Piece of the End

Vidian dropped a four-track EP today (May 25th) via Arachnophobia Records following 2015’s Transgressing the Horizon. Titled A Piece of the End, the EP declares that not only is this Polish quintet unafraid of experimentation, they welcome it. As a whole, A Piece of the End represents a sludge-, noise …

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